Stormy Weather

We saw it coming. There wasn’t much we could do but watch the sudden unexpected obsruction of the sun.  We did gather closer together, protesting the rapid change of climate.  The clouds kept rolling in, denser, more ominous.  We considered running for shelter. We stood instead, mesmerized, appalled. The temperature suddenly fell. A gust of wind warned that we may have waited too long. Cold raindrops pelted our bare arms as we began to make our way across slippery rocks. The thundering sky and the thundering sea competed for our attention. The surging tide grabbed at our ankles, threatening to thwart our retreat down the mountain. Lightning lit our descent through the darkness. Trees bent in supplication to the wind.  Rain turned to hail; hail turned back to icy stinging rain as we raced to the bottom of the cliff. Would we be safer hunkering down there, waiting out the storm?

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Writing for my life; working for social justice; grateful for community.

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