Fixing Everything


Hospice has been called.

I take apart the kitchen faucet
chip away lime deposits
reassemble with new working parts.

The physicians can do no more for him.

I buy roofing cement
climb the ladder to fix a leaking vent
paint the ceiling inside to hide the stain.

For three years he has struggled against this death.

I clean the patio door
discover the window seal is broken
find invasive moisture between the panes.

The cancer is spreading rapidly to vital parts of his body.

I strip caulk from the failed seal
remove the protective molding
install new insulated glass.

He eats little and takes massive doses of pain medication.

I hack at the garden with my hoe
pull out dead stalks that once were flowers
plant bulbs expecting to see another spring.

Soon I will hear his voice for the last time.

I’ll build stairs to the attic
replace the old shed door
seal the crack in the basement wall.

I am fixing everything I can.


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Writing for my life; working for social justice; grateful for community.

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