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Traffic is frustrating. I’ve had a bad day at work. It’s been a miserable day according to the news, social injustice and senseless violence everywhere. Stress tightens my brow, back, shoulders, my clenched jaw. I push the button to turn the car radio off, inanely telling it to ‘shut up!’  I want to get home, make myself a healthy meal. Self-care, I remind myself, is so important when you’re stressed. I pull into a bakery parking lot. “I’ll take the carrot cake” I tell the surly clerk. In no mood to cook, I take my sweet vegetarian meal home.


Written for this week’s 99 word fast fiction prompt at Carrot Ranch: using the words carrot cake.

March 15: Flash Fiction Challenge



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Writing for my life; working for social justice; grateful for community.

9 thoughts on “Health Nut”

  1. Sometimes we just need that sugar hit too. It’s got carrots in it, must be healthy, right?

    I felt a little ambivalent about writing this one, intending humor while perhaps it could be seen as supporting disordered eating… but I opted for humor. My neighbors took me seriously and said they were coming over for cake, missing the ‘fiction’ part. Now I have an excuse to bring home some carrot cake and invite them over!

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    1. Once when we were camping we had been in the canoe all day and were exhausted. I told my two children – who were accustomed to healthy meals – that we were having donuts for dinner – with V-8 for health. They have never forgotten – 2 decades and counting- their best dinner ever.

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  2. Nicole, your flash unfolded with much credibility. I think we’ve all been there on those occasions, willing to justify what feels comforting to the sting of a frustrating day.


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