Man Arrested: He wanted a son

I try to find humor where pain resides. I joke about my father’s preference for a son, his rejection of his daughters.

It isn’t funny, of course, but why wallow.

That’s what I tell myself.

Then comes the local news tonight. An infant girl, just 3 months old, was critically injured here this week.

Her father, a local chiropractor, shook her, causing brain injury and 28 fractures to her tiny bones.

He explained his actions, after his arrest, this way:

She was fussy, he told police… and he was disappointed – because she was a girl.

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8 thoughts on “Man Arrested: He wanted a son”

    1. Thank you so much! I just found your message in my spam file! Don’t know how that happens, but I am glad I discovered it and retrieved it. This is all so new to me, so please keep me posted about how to proceed. Thanks again!

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      1. No worries. That happens to me too. All you need to do is post something similar to mine. You need to copy the rules into your post, answer the questions I posed, ask 11 other questions and nominate 11 blogs. 😁

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