The Daydreamer


At three Joy dreamed awake, sitting on her grandmother’s lap, listening to stories about brave little girls. She spent hours on Alpine cliffs with Heidi; in Mary’s secret garden; in Jo’s cozy New England cottage. When she grew older she learned to read, escaping home often. Some said she daydreamed too much. Her mother sometimes startled her home yelling, “Snap out of it!” She came back, but never stayed long. Joy would not relive the hopelessly fettered life that made her mother mad, because she continued to read, to follow her childhood dreams, and to write her own story.

Written for Charli’s March 22 Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction prompt: 99 words, follow your dreams.

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March 22: Flash Fiction Challenge

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Writing for my life; working for social justice; grateful for community.

8 thoughts on “The Daydreamer”

      1. I did read Little Women but I don’t remember it as well as the other two. I’m glad she saved your life. Being able to escape into different worlds and having role models from books when they aren’t there in life is so special.


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