Spring Follies

One sunny spring day and people get silly headed. Shorts, tees and flip-flops abound, snow and lingering frosty mornings be damned.

Cardinals too, graze solitary on our deck all winter, guarding their private culinary cache, aggressively chasing all competition.

Spring sun arrives and they share their precious seeds, feeding each other beak to beak, a love fest.

I rise above, not easily seduced silly by fickle sunshine.

I unpack the new tent and pitch it in our living room. “Time to get ready for summer camping” I tell my love. “Come in and check out our pretty vacation home.”

Carrot Ranch April 5 fast fiction challenge using 99 words: Sun Silly

April 5: Flash Fiction

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Writing for my life; working for social justice; grateful for community.

13 thoughts on “Spring Follies”

      1. We are in Kentucky so our true suffering is minimal compared to the volume of our whining. I lived in Upstate NY for many years, so the climate here is actually mild for me even when it’s a ‘bad’ winter. I have learned from the locals here to stock up on milk and bread when a few flurries are predicted after 30 years of living with ‘snowmegedden’ panics.

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    1. I am sitting here with an empty glass waiting for that intoxicating moment when the elusive sun gets word that it is spring! So far your prompts have surpassed the sun in bringing brightness to our ‘sprinter’ days. Thanks again for the gift of community!

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