Good News from Squirrel Country

Let the squirrels open your heart

Haven’t we all been waiting for a sign that things are going to take a turn for the better?  Well, according to my squirrel friends, it is finally time to celebrate an end to winter in Kentucky.  During the winter they come to our deck to selectively and rather quietly eat peanuts and steal seed from their bird neighbors.  They eye each other warily, and sometimes give a quick warning to others to keep away.  But this morning seven squirrels came for a rowdy visit.  They ran after each other in circles, they ‘flew’ from deck railing to tree branch and back again. They ran up and down the trees, across branches, flying back onto the deck to chase each other some more, occasionally stopping for a seed or peanut, only to start the crazy chase again.  One of them decided to get our attention by rattling the chain on the can I keep their food stored in, apparently trying to let me know he wanted a more extensive feast to celebrate the turning of the weather – or perhaps he was just making a bit of music as background for their party!  This revelry is a sure sign that winter is leaving, the sun is coming back, and we are all about to feel a little better.  I promise.

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