This week I want to think positively about doors. I have passed through many in my long life.  Some of my favorite doors are in New Orleans.  I want to think about vacations in New Orleans.  But in a response to a prompt to write about a door I passed through this week my thoughts go to a darker place.  I teach with my back to a door. Every day the decision: do I follow my fear and lock the door? Late students will not be able to get in. They will knock on the solid door I cannot see through, and then I decide: do I open the door?  Is it safe?  Or should I refuse to succumb to fear, leave the door open, act like there is no threat to a college classroom, to the students who look to me to tell them why the world is as it is. I want to think about vacation doors… not the dead bodies of school children shot to death through a classroom door.


Stream of Consciousness written for soCS.

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Feb. 24/18